About TDS Trucking Company/ Driving School

About the instructor


My name is Tomika Willis and I have more than 10 years of experience in

teaching people how to drive and safely navigate any kind of traffic.


Qualifications - Degree in Driving

Experience - 10 Years

Why choose me


I love what I do and you'll be able to feel my enthusiasm in every lesson.Being a woman in a male dominant industry I strive to make my theoretical lessons fun and engaging, and my experience shows me the value of this approach.

Learning how to drive box trucks or 18 wheelers can be a daunting endeavour, but my long career has taught me to accurately assess the skill level and personality type of each student. This enables me to give everyone the right amount of care, encouragement and the occasional tough love if needed.

I was born and raised in Franklin,LA.The oldest of 8 other siblings this is not only a career path I chose but my dream of one day creating an opportunity for myself and famliy as well as other individuals in my small community and surrounding areas.This is not only business but very personal.I would like to change the narritive of small towns have nothing to offer.